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MMI – A Family Story From Start To Finish

MMI has been a family run business for over 70 years. In the beginning, we started life as an Irish manufacturer of finely designed medals for sports and events of every kind. Back then our goal was simple: to provide the best awards available on the local market. To that end, we’ve continually added products and services to our skillset, year after year, decade after decade, and today we’re proud to boast a huge range of trophies and awards to clients both local and international.

Among our catalogue, you’ll discover an enormous variety of professionally crafted awards. Our online shop includes a wide selection of trophies, coins and medals, as well as a stunning collection of laser engraved glass and crystal. All of it is designed and constructed by our staff, right here in Dublin Ireland, where we have become a trusted supplier for the Irish Government, many Schools, Universities, Clubs, Corporate Clients and Sporting Organisations. On top of our ever-growing line of premade products, the MMI brand has also garnered a stellar reputation as one of the best bespoke award designers operating in the world today.

The story of MMI has been one of hard work, growth and an unbelievable amount of creativity. But it’s our roots that we’re most proud of. As a family run business, we know better than anybody that providing quality awards involves a lot more than delivering the final product. From start to finish, we ensure that our clients are communicated with at every step along the way. In this manner, we can ensure that our awards aren’t just special because they’ve been made by MMI ­– it’s because they’re truly unique to you.



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